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Our Five Points from Five Lakes series focuses in on how to carefully evaluate and drop PPO plans.

Many dental practices are focused on PPO negotiations to maximize reimbursements. Yet, negotiating reimbursement rates is only part of a comprehensive PPO participation strategy. When developing an insurance participation strategy for your practice, often times it makes sense to consolidate participation. Thus, the opportunity presents itself to leave PPO plans!

Perhaps, your practice is at capacity or your team is at their wits end and want to drop PPO’s. Join Five Lakes Founder & President, Nick Partridge as he walks through the process of evaluating, planning and leaving PPO plans.

Five Lakes has been helping practices implement their optimal insurance participation strategy for over 10 years. Please feel free to connect with us if you have questions or are considering leaving plans and want to do it the right way to avoid losing too many patients, negatively impacting cash flow or creating too many holes in the schedule.

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