The more you
know the smarter
you are.


Understanding your marketplace is the key to better decisions.

Good business is powered by good data.

Whether you are starting a new practice, growing through acquisition, merging with another business or simply evaluating potential new locations - having access to the best possible data is essential to making the best possible business decisions.

Our MarketPlace Solutions offer all the insights you need.

Five Lakes will work with you to develop a Marketplace Analysis Solution specifically designed to help you understand the current and future market opportunties for your practice. Drive your insurance participation decisions. Five Lakes provides full-service credentialing for PPO plans across the country. You’ll have plenty of choices and life will be easier.

The Five Lakes approach to business intelligence.

Local Employer Benefit Plans

We’ll verify the benefit plans being offered and identify the best PPO plans for your practice.

Competitive Intelligence

Our audit will offer insights into your competition’s PPO participation.

Community Demographics

We’ll research age, income, lifestyle, housing, dental spend and community growth trends.

Meet your new business advisor.

Our experts will help you understand the data and how to use it.

Unique to the Five Lakes approach is the assignment of an expert advisor who will walk you through our reports to help you understand the data and how to put the insights to use. Technology and data are great, however we believe that by partnering with our clients and working side by side with them we will be better prepared to help them accomplish their goals.

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