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No one is quite sure what to expect as we transition into fall. After all, 2020 continues to surprise us. To position you for success, we have posted the following practical tips to help you continue the momentum from June, July and August.

Continue to communicate PPE & other safeguards

The recently published Guardian Life Dental Benefits Survey provides extremely valuable insight.

For example, the survey showed 3 in 10 adults are more anxious about visiting the dentist after the pandemic. However, the report indicated “adults will be less anxious about in-person appointments if their dentist clearly communicates the steps taken to maintain patient safety.”

Be sure to communicate to your patients addressing these and other concerns.

We realize that many offices have already communicated this message. However, effective leaders must repeat themselves constantly to drive the message home. Here’s an example to reinforce the point. “A friend of mine once paraphrased David Gergen, saying on the subject of repetition, “If you want to get your point across, especially to a broader audience, you need to repeat yourself so often, you get sick of hearing yourself say it. And only then will people begin to internalize what you’re saying.”

The take-away here is that you can’t overcommunicate your efforts to keep your patients safe!!!

The ADA in their interim Guidance toolkit provided the attached template letter. Start with something like this. Be sure to broadcast your efforts on your website, in the office, chairside and on social media!

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