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Look For Opportunities To Fill The Hygiene Schedule

Due to Covid, it is likely that many patients have not had their two hygiene appointments this year. Dental benefit plans usually allow 2 cleanings per year. However, the structure of this benefit can vary.

Review your insurance verification documentation to determine whether cleanings are limited to once per 6 months or 2 per plan year. If a patients plan allows for 2 cleanings per plan year, then timing of these appointments does not matter. Because of the impact of COVID shutdowns, it may be challenging to get patients whose plan is limited to one cleaning per 6 months back for a second visit. As a result, focus on the patients that are afforded 2 cleanings per year. Many patients would happily schedule more than 2 professional cleanings annually, so get them back on the schedule for another appointment! After all, you are just helping your patients maximize their benefits!

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