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The fifth and final episode in the Five Points from Five Lakes series about leaving PPO plans outlines key considerations for the entire dental team as you begin exiting PPO’s. Five Lakes Founder and President Nick Partridge highlights critical decisions to be made around the office financial policy and communication plan. In the video, Nick also discusses the importance of tracking results to be able to fine-tune your plan. Leaving PPO plans is an exciting, yet stressful exercise. Make sure you’ve thought through your plan.

This case study provides valuable insight into how Five Lakes takes a data-driven approach to advising clients through challenges.

The Five Points from Five Lakes series is designed to help educate practices about why PPO negotiations are only part of a comprehensive PPO insurance participation strategy. Your insurance participation strategy should reflect your business goals with support from market data, practice data and information about available PPO plans in your area. Five Lakes provides the most comprehensive analysis to develop the optimal plan PPO participation strategy for your practice even if that means leaving PPO plans!

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