The Definitive Guide To PPO's During A Practice Transition

How to successfully manage PPO participation, PPO negotiations and credentialing during a dental practice transition. 

Practice transitions are messy without the right plan

Due Diligence

When buying a practice, considerable effort is required upfront to ensure a smooth transition.

PPO Participation Strategy

Whether you are buying a practice for the first time or adding another practice into your platform, it is important to evaluate and develop a PPO participation strategy.

Credentialing & Ownership Changes

Understand credentialing timelines and requirements to facilitate ownership changes.

Billing & Patient Communication

Set the right expectations and bill properly to minimize impact on patients and cash flow.

Have peace of mind knowing insurance is taken care of during your transition...

If you are purchasing a dental practice, Five Lakes can help you develop a project plan to review your PPO participation and develop a strategy, negotiate PPO fees, credential providers, process the ownership change with payers and train your team to handle billing and claims.  Five Lakes works on hundreds of practice acquisitions annually.

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