Develop A PPO Participation Strategy

How to successfully manage PPO participation, PPO negotiations and credentialing during a dental practice transition. 

Insurance is complicated. You need a plan...

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Align Participation With The Market

To make informed decisions about PPO participation understand your competition, community profile and the market share for insurance companies in your area.

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Practice Assessment

In developing an ideal PPO participation strategy, business owners must know their practice. Utilization, patient and payer mix and other important factors.

Update Your UCR

Managing your office fees is important to attracting and retaining patients, PPO negotiations.

PPO Negotiations & Optimizations

To maximize reimbursements practices need to negotiate regularly and master how to leverage network sharing agreements when appropriate.

Act on a plan...

If you are purchasing a dental practice, Five Lakes can help you develop a project plan to review your PPO participation and develop a strategy, negotiate PPO fees, credential providers, process the ownership change with payers and train your team to handle billing and claims.  Five Lakes works on hundreds of practice acquisitions annually.

Align Participation With The Market

Understand Key Practice Metrics

Update Your Office Fees (UCR)

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