PPO Negotiations - Everything You Need To Know

How to successfully manage PPO participation, PPO negotiations and credentialing during a dental practice transition. 

Maximize your reimbursements

PPO Participation Strategy

PPO negotiations are one part of a comprehensive strategy for your insurance participation. Learn more about how the right PPO participation strategy can make a significant positive financial impact on your practice.

UCR Fees

Before you begin negotiations, it is important to review and set your office fees. Since most dentists price services comparatively, your pricing strategy should incorporate market data and reflect your business model.

PPO Negotiations

Five Lakes provides the most comprehensive analysis in the industry to give us the data we need to negotiate succesfully. In addition, for more than 10 years, Five Lakes has worked to build relationships with payers to drive optimal results.

Why wait to negotiate PPO fees?

Five Lakes can help you negotiate for higher PPO reimbursements.  Our team of PPO negotiators has helped over 2,200 practices increase their PPO fees.

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